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Codeable  team boasts talent across a wide range of disciplines. We build great websites that offer easy to use tools, high-end design execution, and proven usability principles. We believe in our process and can guarantee your organization will see positive results from our work and ongoing support. Our clients are some of the finest in the world, spanning a wide-array of industry types, including every corporate sector, non-profits, associations, start-ups, professional services, and higher-education.



Our website design services gives you custom built websites to meet each individual client’s needs. We never use templates or free platforms. Each website is built inhouse, according to each customers requests. Email us today for a quote sales@code-able.com

Where We Are?


Address: Plot 961 Mogoditshane, Botswana
Phone: +267 73513885
Email: info@code-able.com

What We Done?


Our client portfolio spans from co-venturing startups to enterprise projects. Follow the link to see some of the great companies we’ve made magic with.

What we Believe


We believe that creating memorable experiences are the best way to connect with your consumers. From dynamic web designs to cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, we believe that the custom solutions we create today will transcend the trends of tomorrow. No matter your product or service, you have a story to tell. And, we’re the best agency to tell it.

Our Philosophy


Now is about change and disruption. It’s about the end of old certainties and the beginning of new opportunities. But if that’s now – what’s next? We believe what’s next is in the hands of people living in a digital world. Digital empowers people. They decide what they love, where they engage and what they support. They are connected and in control.

Your challenge – and ours – is to embrace that.

Find your people. Discover what they need, want, and love. Use data to drive a deep, continuing conversation and ensure each thing you do for your audience is better than the last. When it comes to digital, we’re unapologetic optimists. We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Next comes accelerating growth through the possibilities of digital – new experiences that merge imagination and technology in captivating new ways.

We invite you to join us on a journey from now to next.


Our commitment to best web design service!

We never outsource our work! Everything is build by our web designers in house.

As a commitment to international standards, we from Codeable express do NOT outsource any of our work abroad or to other companies. We do not partner with any other company! Everyone that will work on your project will finically be in our headquarters. This is important for you to know as 95% of all other web design companies farm out the work to other countries.

  • Simple and Unique
  • Fast & Secure Websites
  • Global Designs
  • Customer Oriented.
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